Master your social media, convert followers into clients and grow your salon. 


Introducing Socials for Salons

The only dedicated membership for salons that provides you all the tools you need to successfully run your socials without having to hire an expensive social media manager.

Are you tired of posting on social media and getting ZERO engagement? Or maybe you are struggling with finding the time to create captivating and engaging content for your audience that CONVERTS?


Growing an online brand in the every-changing world of social media can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to create sound strategies that are going to hit your goals when a new update or trend pops up each and every week.


But one of the most common mistakes I see salons make is NOT HAVING A SOUND SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY and NOT POSTING WITH PURPOSE (you know the “OMG I need to post something” posts done while cooking or eating dinner?)

This is closely followed by listening to too many “social media experts” and trying too many “hacks” at once .

The Truth is, there is no “hacking” social media, and all this advice creates too much noise in your strategy. Alongside this, a lot of the advice and tips you’ll see are not specific to our industry. (Would you like your client’s taking skincare advice from a car mechanic just because he has nice skin?)

The Secret to Growing on Social Media? 


If you want to stand out from your competitors, you need to start learning how to do social media the right way... FOR YOUR SALON!

This means learning how to create engaging content and develop meaningful connections with your audience, so you can convert your followers to clients, and your clients into brand advocates.

 What if I told you there is a way for you to learn how to apply off of this with just a few hours a month? 

Social Media for Salons

Socials for Salons

A membership - dedicated exclusively to salons that will teach you tips, strategies and how to grow your online business in just s few hours a month.

This membership has been build off the successful results I have achieved with my own beauty agency client accounts over the past 5 years.

I've literally spent years on testing, optimising and strategising how to create more engagement, make real connections with your audience, create brand advocates, and GROW!!

And I'm sharing it ALL in this Membership. 


Kayla Zigic Socials for Salons

What we cover

There are 5 Key phases to getting the results you want, I'll be taking you through it all bit by bit, in bite sized, easy to implement chunks.

(you may find these phases familiar and essential for you to get results with your clients and business)

 Get to know your platforms and your ideal client, and set yourself up for success.

 Strategise, and learn to correctly use social media to engage your audience.

Start using social media, the correct way and start working towards your goals.

It's time to plan your strategy, stay consistent, and start seeing the results.  

 Analyse, re-strategise, and stay up to date with trends and ahead of your competition.

If you are time poor but don't want to outsource to a  social media agency, because you know you could leverage socials for clients - then this is for YOU!

What's Included in This Membership?


Monthly Membership

Classes on Different Social Media Topics specifically targeted to you, the salon owner, to help create strategies and create a better understanding around the confusing world of social media.

Monthly Empower Hours 

Designed to help you with ongoing social media and business questions.

Guest Coaching Calls

Learn from other experts in Building Confidence, Branding, Email Marketing, and more..

Resources, Templates, and Activities 

Keep you on track, motivated and focused.

Template Room 

Don’t know what to post? Waste too much time creating content? Use our Template Room to find over 200 full customisable Canva Templates for your salon and target industry, helping to save you time creating engaging content.

Social Media Updates

Delivered straight to your inbox to ensure you are staying ahead of your competition.

Exclusive Facebook Members Only Group

A community to connect with like-minded business owners. Learn, grow, and share your wins.

Social Media for Salons

Who is this Membership for?

This membership has been created for beauty professionals in both service, retail, and education-based industries who want to learn how to correctly use social media to grow and get results. 

✔ Salon Owners
✔ Industry Professionals
✔ Skin Care Brands
✔ Lash Artists
✔ Nail Artists
✔ Brow Specialists
✔ Spas
✔ Salons
✔ Clinics/Medi Spas
✔ Beauty Brands
✔ Beauty Wholesalers


Say Goodbye to.. 

Meet Kayla Zigic

Hi I’m Kayla, beauty therapist, trainer, salon owner and now social media marketer and strategist. My goal is to teach you simple and effective ways to strategically manage your social media for your salon so your ideal clients find you, engage with you, and BOOK with you.

Hashtag #letsgo 👏🏼

More About The Membership


The month-by-month payment option means you can cancel your membership at any time. However, due to the ever-changing world of social media, it's always recommended you stay on to ensure you're making the most of your social media platforms to hit your goals and stay ahead of your competition.

Socials for Salons Membership

Grow your online beauty presence.  What you'll get: Monthly Webinars to help you improve and grow your social media knowledge and learn how to leverage the power of social media for your beauty business. Unlimited Support in our Members Group.